Clinics and Group Demos


So that you can see and experience the benefits of the Equiseat Aid before making a purchase, you have the opportunity to book a group demo with us!

For a minimum group size of 6 riders, we will visit you at your yard or venue of your choice* and give each rider a 20-30 minute 1-on-1 demo of Equiseat Aid. No purchase commitment necessary, though if you do purchase on the day we will give you a 10% discount off the cost of an Equiseat Aid**.


Here is a testimonial from Amanda Snowden, BHSAI UKCC Level 2 Freelance Instructor, who recently ran a clinic with us:

A couple of weeks ago I organised a clinic at the yard, with Vicky the founder of the Equiseat Aid.
I've struggled alot myself with straightness, especially after having my accident 4yrs ago. I go to a caropractor every month, but still find it hard to be straight.
I must admit I was quite skeptical to start with, but I actually got goose bumps a couple of times, with the results.
I can't recommend the Equiseat Aid enough, it really does make a difference. Some of the horses found it impossible to be straight with the rider on, but with the seat aid on they could move alot more freely and alot straighter.
I have tried it on a couple of my clients, and found a huge difference.
I ride in mine, and have found its helping me with my much weaker side.
Thankyou Victoria Stanbridge and Ruth Schofield


To book your group demo now, simply email

*venue costs, if applicable, to be met by group organiser

** £25 charge per rider to cover travel costs & time