How to get the best from Equiseat Aid

We have designed Equiseat Aid to help both horse and rider achieve straightness and harmony. The aim of Equiseat Aid is to support the rider where they most need it and promote freedom of the horse by opening up the rider’s hips. It also helps combat muscle wastage on the horse by preventing the rider from dropping off to the horse’s weaker side.

If you have purchased Equiseat Aid through Dennis Eventing or through a trainer then yours and/or your horse’s issues are likely to have been discussed. If not then we have a few guidelines for you follow:
  1. Take videos of horse and rider performing simple movements and transitions in an arena; walk, trot and canter is usually enough to show any issues.
  2. Watch the videos back and be aware of the horse's footfall, for example is the horse tracking up straight, etc?
  3. The usual problems encountered as a trainer and indeed as a rider, are collapsing of the hips, or more noticeably, dropping of the shoulder(s). Bear in mind that if a rider’s shoulder is dropping to one side more than the other, the rider’s weight will usually go the opposite way, although that isn't always the case.
Equiseat Aid can help by supporting the rider to improve an unbalanced seat and hence encourage the horse to move both hind legs evenly.