Clinics & Group Demo's (FAQ's)

What should I expect at a Group Clinic?  Our Group Demo sessions are aimed at being informal, enjoyable and informative. The sessions are run by Vickie Dennis, who not only developed the product herself, but is also an established rider and trainer. Vickie runs her own eventing yard in the heart of North Yorkshire and has been working with horses and riders for over 20 years.

Equiseat Aid Group Clinics are generally run as 1:1 sessions with each rider for approx 30 minutes. For the first part of the session, Vickie will observe horse and rider performing some simple flatwork exercises in walk, trot and canter (if the rider is comfortable with canter) without wearing Equiseat Aid. Vickie will then spend some talking through her initial observations from the exercise, giving the rider chance to give their own feedback and observations.

For the second part of the session, Vickie will then fit Equiseat Aid on the rider and ask for the same flatwork exercises. She’ll explain what she’s seeing once the exercises are underway and ask the rider for any observations, feelings and feedback on bot themselves and their horse.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance for the demo?  We want you to come along for your demo completely relaxed, in exactly the same frame of mind as you would for any of your riding activities. Wear what you would normally wear and do not change anything in terms of your normal tack or riding equipment. If you normally ride with a whip and/or spurs please bring these along too.

Charges and Pricing  For Group Demos on site at Dennis Eventing’s yard, we charge £20 per rider. For yard visits, we charge £25 per rider to cover the additional cost of travel. Equiseat Aid retails at only £79.00 for Black and £69.00 for Beige. For riders who purchase Equiseat Aid on the day of a demo or clinic we offer a 10% discount off the retail price. We will also provide a second set of blocks in a smaller size free of charge. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain the use of different block sizes during your session.)

Can I purchase Equiseat Aid on the day of a Group Demo?  Yes – we bring a stock of Equiseat Aids in as many sizes as possible and we can ensure you’re fitted with the correct size on the day. You can pay by cash, card, BACS or Paypal.

What if I decide Equiseat Aid is not working for me post-purchase?  Feeling the true benefit of any new habit or behaviour takes commitment, perseverance and consistency to see the full results. Equiseat Aid is no different and we’re confident that all riders will see and feel the benefits almost immediately for their horse. However, we offer follow-up consultations via phone, video or in-person to ensure you are using Equiseat Aid optimally and to help progress you during your riding, using Equiseat Aid.

Can I contact you once I’ve purchased Equiseat Aid for advice and guidance?  We offer a pre and post-sale support service; we want to make sure every horse and rider are optimising Equiseat Aid, so we are very happy to answer your questions and hear any concerns or feedback you have once you’re using Equiseat Aid. We also invite you to come along to our follow-up clinics.  Though you might find what you're looking for in our Customer FAQ & Support Guide which is accessed from the Home page on our website.