Equiseat Aid FAQ & Support

Is Equiseat Aid suitable for children?  Yes – Equiseat Aid is designed for all riders of all ages. For children, we recommend starting with the smaller size blocks (6.5cm), which you can select when you order via our online shop. Retailers and Consultants carry a stock of smaller blocks which can be fitted when purchasing via one of these for your child. You will probably need a 45cm seat aid, though please contact us directly if you need a smaller size, which we can order for you specially at no additional cost.

What size of Equiseat Aid do I need and how do I fit it?  For the best advice and a video on how to fit Equiseat Aid, we’ve dedicated a whole section to this subject on our website via which you’ll find on our Home Page. Or you can click here . How to fit Equiseat Aid – equiseataid.com

If you’re interested in buying an Equiseat Aid but you’re unsure which leg to fit Equiseat Aid to, we invite you to send us a short video of your riding your horse. We can review this straight away and make our recommendations. Please send your video to us via our facebook page @equiseataid, or email to vickie@equiseataid.com. We can also help you with sizes and fitting. If you have not sent a video in to us for review, and haven’t received advice on using and fitting Equiseat Aid from your Retailer or Consultant, please feel free to contact us directly via the ‘chat’ facility or you can message us directly via our facebook page @equiseataid, or email ruth@equiseataid.com for help and advice.

How long before I will see an improvement/difference when I use Equiseat Aid?  Changing habits and behaviours inevitably takes time, commitment and perseverance. However, when a rider uses Equiseat Aid they generally see and experience an immediate change and improvement to the their position, posture and straightness in the saddle, as well as an improvement in the horse’s way of going. We recommend riders use Equiseat Aid every time they ride, though if this includes hacking out, we generally advise that you do not wear for longer than 45 minutes for the first few times, gradually increasing this as you become more established riding in the seat aid.

Over time, the changes Equiseat Aid is having on your riding position, straightness and balance in the saddle become good habits. It varies from rider to rider and will be dependent on how often you ride of course, but on average if you are riding 3-4 times a week, we’d expect to see significant improvements in the horse’s biomechanics and rider symmetry within 6 weeks. We do offer Follow Up clinics to all riders who have purchased Equiseat Aid, which you can book on via our website link ‘Book on an Equiseat Aid Clinic’. Or you are welcome to share videos with us so we can give you a more instant response and feedback. Please send these to vickie@equiseataid.com or send to us via our facebook page @equiseataid. Be sure to tell us how long you’ve been using Equiseat Aid and any other useful information.

What can I expect when I use Equiseat Aid during my ridden work?   Most riders find using Equiseat Aid a little uncomfortable for the first few times. This can sometimes results in some soreness in the inner thigh, though this is mostly as a direct result of the dominant leg (which is the leg Equiseat Aid is worn on) being used to grip or brace against the saddle. Some riders experience some soreness in the hip flexor and pelvic area and very occasionally the lower back. These are purely symptomatic of the change in position and the rider’s body trying to resist the changes Equiseat Aid creates to your posture and your seat. Think of it along the same lines as trying a new exercise – for the first few times it will feel uncomfortable and you may experience some soreness the day after. It’s critical that as a rider, you do not try and fight against the seat aid, and allow it to do its job, simply by relaxing and ignoring it. Within a few days of using the seat aid you’ll become more familiar with the feeling of it on your leg and your posture.

Occasionally, horses can also be a little sore in their backs and quarters after using Equiseat Aid for the first time. Again, this is because as a rider, the seat aid has changed your position and where your weight is situated in the saddle. Effectively, when you use Equiseat Aid your horse will start to engage muscles and respond to pressure in a different way, resulting in some biomechanical changes to the way the horse goes underneath you. This is exactly why Equiseat Aid was designed; to ensure your horse can move as biomechanically naturally as possible, without being compromised by the rider. So all of these symptoms are usually a very natural response to the change, though if you have any concerns or questions please contact us via the ‘chat’ facility or you can message us directly via our facebook page @equiseataid, or email vickie@equiseataid.com for help and advice.

Can I wear Equiseat Aid in competitions?   British Dressage and British Showjumping  affiliated bodies do not allow riders to wear Equiseat Aid in competitions. Currently, British Showjumping will usually allow riders to wear Equiseat Aid in the warm up.

British Eventing have not yet formally prohibited a rider to wear Equiseat Aid in BE events, or any events run under BE rules. However, our advice is to check with the Organiser or Secretary before wearing Equiseat Aid in BE competitions or any competitive situations. 

What we have found is most unaffiliated competitions will allow you to wear Equiseat Aid either in the warm up or in the competition itself, but some competitions are run under BD/BS or Riding Club rules and therefore they may not permit the wearing of Equiseat Aid. Our advice is check before you compete.

We are attempting to work with all Affiliated Equestrian bodies to review the use of Equiseat Aid in competitions and we will keep you update via our website and all social media.

Do you accept returns/refunds on Equiseat Aid?  If the seat aid is faulty for any reason we will replace it free of charge. If you order the incorrect size we are happy to replace it with a smaller/larger size, though we will ask you to pay for postage on this, or you can return to us via your own means, providing the shipment is tracked via your delivery provider.

If you’ve purchased the seat aid through a Consultant, please contact us directly for any information on returns or refunds via the ‘chat’ facility on our website, or you can message us directly via our facebook page @equiseataid, or email ruth@equiseataid.com for help and advice. If you’ve purchased through a Retailer, please contact your retailer directly.