How to fit Equiseat Aid

Follow these simple steps to ensure you can optimise the benefits of Equiseat Aid for you and your horse:

  • To ensure the correct fit, you should measure the widest part of your thigh (usually half way between your knee and the top of your inner thigh) and follow these measurement guidelines:

      • for measurements 40-45cm you will need a 50cm length

      • for measurements 46cm-50cm you will need a 55cm length

      • for measurements 51cm-55cm you will need a 60cm length

      • for measurements 56cm-60cm you will need a 65cm length

      • for measurements 61cm-65cm you will need a 70cm length

      • for measurements 66cm-70cm you will need a 75cm length*
  • We recommend all riders start with the largest block size, ie 7.5cm. We will supply you with a smaller set of blocks free of charge once you become established using Equiseat Aid. We also replace all blocks free of charge, as they become depressed over time.

  • Equiseat Aid should be worn on the leg that represents the stronger side of the rider. This will usually be the leg that the rider 'grips up' with, or 'braces' against the saddle, but we will be able to advise you on this.

  • As such, when the rider grips or braces with their stronger leg, their weight typically tips to the opposite side, therefore making it difficult for the horse to track up straight.

*special order on request via email to (delivery lead time up to 7 working days)

For more information, watch our ‘How to’ video, which demonstrates the many different ways Equiseat Aid can help you build better habits with your horse or pony.

In the meantime, if you need any help or advice please email me:

Good Luck and Happy Riding !!

Vickie & Ruth - Equiseat Aid Team