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I have worked alongside Vickie at Dennis Eventing for two decades, rehabilitating horses both mentally and physically. It has been very rewarding seeing the horses improve but the difficult part has always been reintroducing the rider. What may seem to be a quick fix needs to be maintained with good, balanced, effective riding.

As most horses have been asymmetrical, they have often made the rider unbalanced or vice versa. With the use of Equiseat Aid, the rider can be helped to maintain straightness and balance.  I have seen and experienced the profound changes and improvement of both rider and horse pre and post use of Equiseat Aid, enabling the rider to continue strengthening and training the horse in a much more effective manner without the need for constant correction. This is such a huge benefit to the horse, the rider and to me!

A recent example of such a case was a horse I hadn’t actually treated but was able to observe having a lesson with and without the rider using Equiseat Aid. Without Equiseat Aid, the horse was very asymmetrical, unlevel on the offside hind, crooked initially, offside hind reduced track up and movement away from body (abduction).  He was also noticeably unlevel both standing and in movement.

The horse improved with the use of Equiseat Aid on the left leg of rider, to balance the compensation, straightening the horse and stopping over-use of the near shoulder and improving the flight and stride length of the offside hind. I was absolutely astonished how much improvement I had witnessed, and having experienced Equiseat Aid in use for myself I'm happy to give a 5*****. rating. Highly recommended

Tim Jarman - Equine McTimoney Chiropractor

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Before being introduced to Equiseat Aid, my 9 year old gelding struggled to achieve right canter on the correct lead and seemed to 'run' from my leg. This was due to me sitting heavily on my left seat bone. Since using Equiseat Aid I can engage my right seat bone, which is due to my right hip/thigh being more open and my lower leg being more secure, which then allows him the freedom to bring his left hind leg through. Our schooling and flatwork sessions are far more relaxed and enjoyable. Definitely an aid that benefits both horse and rider.

Katie Davies-Savage BHS Level 3 Accredited Coach

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I've been taught by Vickie for quite a few years on different horses. My problem has always been that I drop off to the right because of a long standing knee injury. Because of this, my progress has been limited, my horse's balance affected and even their long-term soundness. Vickie could explain to me what was happening but no amount of repetition could persuade me to change my posture in the saddle because my muscles always sought their default position. When I first put Equiseat Aid on, the difference was immediate. Within a few strides my horse had relaxed and straightened up. Suddenly, I looked more like the professional rider I had longed to be! I would definitely recommend anyone of any level or ambition to try Equiseat Aid.

Jane Wood Amateur Rider (and Equiseat Aid Early Years Guinea Pig!!)


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I have been using Equiseat Aid for a number of months now and have found it to be very effective at straightening the rider while on the horse . It works well for all levels of riders and straightness is the cornerstone for me of moving forward in training your horse. A great tool to have and use as and when required.  Well done to Vickie for developing this product!

Helen Bell British Eventing Coach, Centre10 Coach & former International Event Rider

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Equiseat Aid was recommended to me to try as both my horse and I are crooked on the same side. He’s a big horse and I really struggled to keep him straight and stop him disappearing through the shoulder, which meant my canter transitions were hit and miss as to whether we got the correct lead.

The back end trailed and I found it difficult to get him to work over his back and for him to step under which is not ideal for long term soundness! I wear Equiseat Aid for schooling on the flat and hacking, I have found that from having my thigh positioned correctly, my seat-bones and shoulder are positioned better to prevent losing him on one side. When I have ridden without Equiseat Aid, my leg now “remembers” where it should be far quicker!  My horse is more relaxed as we aren’t fighting each other on the “bad side” as if I’m sat correctly, it’s far easier for him to do what I’m asking him to do!

Amy Barnes - Amateur All-round rider

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I had the privilege of a trial and demo of Equiseat Aid... wow .. my seat and leg position improved. Lots more stability for me and freedom to move better for my horse, definitely worth a go.

Joanna Jordan Amateur Rider/ Would-Be-Dressage-Queen!

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Equiseat Aid was recommended to me by Hazel Towers. I had recently been struggling with straightness and no matter what I tried we just couldn't ride a nice circle anymore. The moment I put on Equiseat Aid this all changed. I was sitting much straighter, my hips square with the horse and suddenly we were both straight. I was also surprised by how quickly I got used to riding with it. What a great invention, thank you so much, I don't want to ride without it now.
Maxie Schiffmann - Amateur Rider
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