What is Equiseat Aid?


Equiseat Aid is a beautifully simple, highly effective product born out of a passion to help a rider get the best out of ridden work with their horse or pony. The name 'Equiseat Aid' accurately describes the purpose of the product; to focus on the rider’s seat, and aiding their connectedness with the horse.

Many other equestrian training products focus solely on the horse. Unlike these products, Equiseat Aid focusses on the rider but delivers optimum benefit to the ridden horse.

It is a totally holistic product that unlike many other training aids on the market today:

  • does not restrain a horse in any way
  • does not apply pressure on any part of the horse's body
  • can help retrain a rider's muscle memory to resolve long-term ridden/rider injury-related issues
  • delivers a long-term, sustainable benefit to both horse and rider
Equiseat Aid is a product for riders of any level, from happy hackers to advanced event riders and top-class dressage riders and can be used by children and adults alike.